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Welcome to I Market Coaching (IMC)

Welcome to I Market Coaching, an engagement through learning community platform for those in search of coaching and those seeking to start an online coaching business.
This platform will provide the guidance and tools needed to help you start and grow and impactful coaching business, take you step-by-step through creating the infrastructure for your new coaching business, and help you be successful at gaining new clients as a coach.

What is I Market Coaching? (IMC)

I Market Coaching is a proving ground for coaches to market their coaching abilities and a testing community for students to confirm any doubts or fears they may have about the coaching process. There are no qualifications or long-standing commitments required of anyone. A coach can use the I Market Coaching platform to build their coaching brand through courses they create, by fielding inquiries via live chat, hosting online events, mentoring within niche forums, or participating in niche group discussions. Through these efforts, students are able to gain a better understanding of the methods & styles used by the coaches. Students are then able, and encouraged, to reach out to any coach via live chat, forum or group discussion and ask a limited amount of questions without fear of being disqualified as the coach understands this to be part of the marketing process. If handled correctly this could result in a new client acquisition for the coach and the beginning of a new start in the life of the student.

Become an I Market Coaching Coach

Coaching Benefits

In order to be successful in any business endeavor, you need both an online presence and an adequate infrastructure on which to operate your business efforts. The number one (1) goal of this platform is to help standardize the technical aspects of your coaching efforts by providing you with the necessary technical resources and empowering you with the knowledge & support needed to build an infrastructure upon which you can launch a successful coaching campaign.
In order to become a successful coach, in any niche, you also need a starting point or a system of resources through which you can market and promote your coaching efforts.

I Market Coaching is a marketing platform serving as a medium through which coaches can launch and market new coaching efforts using either of the following methods:

  • Creating your coach website through which to promote coach services, schedule, and manage appointments.
  • Creating coach course curriculum to offer to students.
  • Creating course websites to promote coach curriculum.
  • Blogging to promote coach methodologies, perspectives, business logic, courses, events, & offers.
  • Communicating with students via live chat, forums, or group discussions with the intent of gaining new clients.

The more active you are in the community the greater your chances of gaining new clients and establishing yourself as a trustful authority.

Student Benefits

The I Market Coaching platform serves as a “try before you buy” approach to coaching. Doubts about the coaching process, expense, and a general ignorance to being coached are just some of the reasons many may have for not having a coach. As a student, you have the luxury of changing this mindset and altering your life’s course by challenging the coaching process. Your life can literally change in an instant! If not ready to live chat post a question in the forum or initiate a group discussion and sit back to see how coaches respond. Remember, your job at this point is to “challenge” the coaching process. Therefore the more engaged you are the quicker you’ll be able to prove if you’re ready to buy into the coaching process. You also have the luxury of participating in coaching events and taking courses. Every opportunity to “sample” the coaching process has been made available to you.
So take the first steps!

I Market Coaching

I Market Coaching Acceptance Policy

I Market Coaching encourages “affordable, accessible, & inclusive quality coaching” and therefore doesn’t screen, disqualify, or discriminate based on annual income, race, religious or spiritual beliefs, political views, or sexual orientation. Everyone is encouraged to join and the community is committed to creating and remaining diverse and open-minded to all circumstances and needs. If the coaching niche doesn’t exist, we will create┬áit to suit the need, one or many.

Although the knowledge and expertise of coaches are recognized and respected, this is a STUDENTS FIRST platform. Therefore coaches who disagree with the methods listed are encouraged NOT to join the community.

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