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Sleep apnea is more than just a minor inconvenience or annoyance; it can have very serious and inconvenient. This is why it’s important for sleep apnea sufferers to educate themselves on the condition and its treatments. This article will get you control your sleep apnea.

You need to lose some weight if you find that you are too heavy for your frame. Several studies have shown that there is a link between obesity and sleep apnea. Consequently, it is therefore possible that losing just twenty-five pounds could result in a dramatic improvement of your sleep apnea symptoms if you are currently suffering from obesity.

A reason for sleep apnea to occur is increased weight.

Alcohol Relaxes

If you want to beat your apnea and get a healthy dose of sleep, roll onto your side the next time you go to sleep. The chances of your airways being restricted are more likely when you sleep on your back. Try to fall asleep on one of your sides to see if your symptoms get better.

TIP! Attempt to sleep on the side to get a full night of rest in spite of apnea. Sleeping on the back can cause air passages to constrict.

Do not drink alcohol as you used to. Alcohol relaxes the muscles in your body to lose their tension. Although some people do enjoy this, it tends to make the effects of sleep apnea much more serious. Alcohol relaxes throat muscles and it can hurt your body.If you feel you must drink, consume it sparingly and at least a few hours before heading to bed.

Sleeping pills are not the answer if sleep apnea.Sleeping pills can make your throat relax which prevents your airway. These pills can lead to a very dangerous situation if your case is bad, even if you just want to get to bed sooner.

Sleep on your side. Most people who have sleep apnea realize that they have been sleeping on their back too much. Your airways become blocked when you sleep on your back. You will breathe easier if you sleep on your side. If your sleep tends to see you rolling onto your back, support yourself with pillows on one side or the other.

Stop Breathing

You will need to make note of how many hours of sleep you get each night, whether you woke up during the night and how you felt when you woke up each morning. Your spouse can inform you of any excessive snoring, stop breathing for a second, or stop breathing. This helps the doctor to see if you’re suffering from sleep apnea.

Avoid sleeping pills when you find out you realize you are diagnosed with sleep apnea. They can relax your throat muscles, making it hard to get enough air when you sleep. For those with severe cases of sleep apnea, using these pills can be quite dangerous. Avoid using them even if you are having trouble sleeping.

If you suffer from sleep apnea and you use a CPAP, make certain that a medical ID is always with you.

Stick with a single ordinary pillow when you sleep. This causes you sleep in a way that makes it harder to breathe.This means that one pillow to sleep more restfully at night.

If you have sleep apnea, consider dropping some weight. Lots of people have found they can eliminate their sleep apnea by dropping all their excess fat. Simply losing a small amount of weight can open your airways, improving your sleep apnea symptoms.

Sleep Apnea

Weight loss can make a big help for those that suffer from sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is more common in patients who are overweight and having a large neck circumference.

If nasal dryness or congestion is an issue, try a nasal spray. It may offer a couple nights of relief. Don’t use the product over a long period of time, though; that could cause damage to your nose. Take a trip to the local pharmacy to see what they have available to help with keeping your nose open when you’re sleeping.

TIP! If your nose seems stuffy, apply a nasal spray. This will dry out the passages and help clear them out temporarily.

Sleep apnea never just disappears of its own free will; you need to treat it. Some treatments work for different people.One thing that can help you is losing weight, but there are thin people who suffer from sleep apnea as well. Some people find that using a CPAP machines or other devices.Other people might just want to opt for surgery where changes may be made to the airway passages. Choose whichever method you think will work for you so you may begin to live a happier and comfortable life.

There is no argument about sleep apnea’s ability to cause distress. Discomfort, interrupted sleep and other symptoms make this condition hard to deal with. Take the information you learned today, and use it to craft your own plan to deal with the debilitating affects of sleep apnea.

You should get a machine to stop snoring. Snoring is caused by your airways being blocked with minor airflow, and apnea involves them being shut completely with no airflow. A device that can eliminate snoring can also relieve sleep apnea. Your sleep apnea may benefit from the use of a stop snoring device.

February 6, 2019
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