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Mobile Application & ChatBot Hosting & Management Services


Mobile Application Design, Customization, and Google & Apple Store Submittal

Mobile apps design, build, and submittal performed on the SeattleClouds mobile application design & publishing platform. Application templates are encouraged to eliminate “from scratch” custom design requests.

Application Submittal Process (Laymen Terms)

  • You select the mobile application template which closely matches the needs of your coaching business.
  • You select any additional features not present in the template to be added to the mobile app.
  • Once sure of this need complete & submit the template request deposit form.
    • Deposit amount $250.00.
  • We reply via email and scheduled live chat session within the I Market Coaching community.
  • We work with you via scheduled live chat until satisfaction of application design & submittal.
  • You provide images & application content.
    • Our access to this platform currently doesn’t allow users to submit changes to their mobile apps. Any content or image changes will have to be submitted for us to complete on your behalf.
  • We submit versions of the mobile application to Google Play & Apple stores.
  • Store Terms:
    • Google Play app submittal – App available in store within 24 hours of being submitted.
    • Apple Store app submittal – App available 5 – 10 business days after being submitted.
  • Unlimited push notifications but they have to be submitted to as a request. We submit on your behalf.

Payment Info

  • Application prices ranges start at $500.
  • Additional features may require customization of default features resulting in higher costs.
  • Payment Options:
    • Payment in Full.
    • Partial scheduled payments allowed. 50% minimum deposit required.
  • Deposit refundable prior to work being approved. No refunds once work has been approved to start.

Monthly Fees

  • $15 Monthly Hosting & Maintenance Fees. Fees do not apply to custom application changes.
  • $49 Custom application changes & submittal.


Mobile Application Features Request

Visit to locate template style & name:

Mobile Application Templates

Visit to locate additional application features:

Application Features - Add-ons

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Customer Service, Greeting, Sales, or Support Chatter Bot Hosting Services

  • Custom ChatBots for your Coaching Website.
    • Save time by pre-configuring your bot to speak on your behalf.
    • No outsourcing.
    • Re-purpose your admin for more important tasks.
  • ChatBot Types Include:
    • Research
    • Sales
    • Support
    • Training
  • ChatBot Uses
    • Coaching support service answering common or repetitive questions.
    • Coach assistant providing researched responses to training exercises
  • ChatBot Features
    • Unlimited questions & answers
    • Unlimited chat limits.
    • Unlimited answer limits.
    • No coding required

Payment Options

  • A one-time payment of $99. Fee includes:
    • ChatBot setup & configuration.
    • Questions & answers configuration.
    • Email auto-responder configuration. (Extra Cost: $20)
  • Monthly Fees:
    • $5 Monthly Maintenance & Hosting.
    • No cost to add additional / modify questions or answers.


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