Ebook, Usage Guide, & Coaching Kit

  • A “scorched earth” approach to Coaching.
  • A new multi-purpose coaching platform.
  • The development of new coaching personas & brands.
  • The promotion of marketing coaching strategies.
  • A client acceptance policy based on learning through accessibility, inclusion, & affordability.
  • A brand that becomes the staple of coaching.

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Brand New, Step-by-Step, Home-based, Personal Coaching Business in an Evergreen Niche

An All-in-One business-2-business (b2b) & business-2-consumer (b2c) engagement platform designed to build & market the efforts of new coaching brands committed to helping Change Lives!



iMarket Coaching is a marketing, member engagement, & online learning community platform for those in search of coaching and those seeking to start an online coaching business.
This platform will provide the guidance and tools needed to help you start and grow an impactful coaching business. The iMarket Coaching ebook and usage guide will take you step-by-step through creating the infrastructure for your new coaching business, and help you be successful at gaining new clients as a coach. These tools include:

I Market Coaching - Introduction to Coaching Ebook


The I Market Coaching Introduction to Coaching Ebook.

I Market Coaching - Student Coaching Kit


The I Market Coaching – Student Coaching Kit.

I Market Coaching - Platform Usage Guide


The I Market Coaching – Community Platform Usage Guide

I Market Coaching Member Support


The I Market Coaching – Community Platform.

What is iMarket Coaching?

I Market Coaching

What is iMarket Coaching?

iMarket Coaching is a proving ground for coaches to market their coaching abilities and a testing community for students to confirm any doubts or fears they may have about the coaching process. There are no qualifications or long-standing commitments required of anyone. A coach can use the iMarket Coaching platform to build their coaching brand through courses they create, by fielding inquiries via live chat, hosting online events, mentoring within niche forums, or participating in niche group discussions. Through these efforts, students are able to gain a better understanding of the methods & styles used by the coaches. Students are then able, and encouraged, to reach out to any coach via live chat, forum or group discussion and ask a limited amount of questions without fear of being disqualified as the coach understands this to be part of the marketing process. If handled correctly this could result in a new client acquisition for the coach and the beginning of a new start in the life of the student.



What is Coaching?

Coaching is the process of mentally, physically, or spiritually developing someone to achieve a personal or professional goal through advice, training, or guidance.

Your Role as a Coach

Help prepare, “transport”, people from one point in their lives to another mentally, physically, or spiritually.


iMarket Coaching Acceptance Policy

iMarket Coaching encourages “affordable, accessible, & inclusive quality coaching” and therefore doesn’t screen, disqualify, or discriminate based on annual income, race, religious or spiritual beliefs, political views, or sexual orientation. Everyone is encouraged to join and the community is committed to creating and remaining diverse and open-minded to all circumstances and needs. If the coaching niche doesn’t exist, we will create it to suit the need, one or many.

The iMarket Coaching Coaching Kit

I Market Coaching Coaching Kit

An introduction to the coaching niche to include an overview of the different types of coaching niches and guidelines for attaining and managing clients for your online coaching business.


The iMarket Coaching Introduction to Coaching Ebook


  • Introduction: A Coaching Overview

  • Benefits of Coaching

  • Face-to-Face Coaching

  • One-on-One Coaching

  • Group Coaching 

  • I Market Coaching Group Coaching

  • Coaching via Email

  • Video-Based Coaching

  • Coaching Clients

  • Coach Earnings

  • Life Coaching

  • Promote your Coaching

  • Validate your Coaching

I Market Coaching - Introduction to Coaching Ebook

The iMarket Coaching Student Coaching Kit

I Market Coaching - Student Coaching Kit


  • Coach Readiness Assessment

  • Environment Assessment

  • Life’s Balance Assessment

  • Life Values Mind Map

  • Life’s Vision – Online

The iMarket Coaching Community Platform Usage Guide


  • Community Account Configuration

  • Content Marketing

  • Hot to Create a New Coach Business Website

  • Custom Domain Mapping a Coach Website

  • Website Domain Name Purchase (How To)

  • Create New Course Website

  • Configure Google Services

  • Advertisements

  • Coach Advertising Agency Configuration

I Market Coaching - Platform Usage Guide

The iMarket Coaching Online Learning & Community Engagement Platform

Advertising & Marketing

Advertising agency, banner campaign scheduling & tracking,

Learning Management System

Online Learning, Course Creation, Course Sales, Student Management

Chat, Events, Forums, & Groups

Track student activity, schedule chats, host events, & post forum & group topics

Content Marketing

Build niche expertise & authority through blogging, content curation

eCommerce & Revenue

Generate revenue through course sales, group memberships, consulting

Website Hosting

Create coach appointment booking, course, or product websites



I Market Coaching Member Community

Course Management

  • Unlimited Course Creation.
  • Free or Fee-based Courses
  • Online or Offline Courses
  • Course Assignments, Unit, & Quizzes
  • Course Instructor Chat 
  • Student Progress Tracking.
  • Course Statistics
  • Performance Tracking
  • See More: Course Features

Community Management

  • Course Activity Recording
  • Course Event Integration
  • Public, Private, or Hidden Course Forums & Groups
  • Course Instructor Chat
  • Members Directory

I Market Coaching Member Community
I Market Coaching Member Community

Website Hosting

  • Onsite Hosting & Website Management
  • Four (4) WordPress Premium Themes
  • Premium Plugins
  • Create Coach Business Website w/Appointment Plugin
  • Create Course Website(s)
  • Create Product / eCommerce Website(s)
  • Domain Mapping Available.

Content Marketing

  • Network Coach Authoring Capability 
  • Tumblr-Feedly Style Blogging Community
  • Content Curation
  • Coach Blog / Posts Following Capability
  • Blog Course Promotions
  • Blog Coaching Efforts
  • Content Monetization
  • In-Post Advertisement

I Market Coaching Member Community
I Market Coaching Member Community

Revenue Generation & Monetization

  • Revenue: Course Creation & Sales
    • Offer courses for FREE or Fee.
  • Revenue: Course Store Sales
    • Sale courses within the Store for other Coaches to buy.
  • Monetize Course Websites:
    • Create course website(2) to promote featured courses under custom domain name.
    • Monetize course websites with AdSense or Bing ppc style ads, affiliate, or network marketing ads.
  • Coach Website:
    • Create new coach website & monetize with AdSense or Bing ppc style ads, affiliate, or network marketing ads
  • Coach Marketing:
    • Create “Members only” coaching group with fee-based access.
    • Accept fee-based appointment bookings through coaching website.
  • Content Marketing:
    • Blog through the I Market Coaching Community.
    • Update blogging profile and direct traffic to courses & coaching website(s)

Brand Advertisement

  • Promote coaching business or course through available ad spaces.
  • Sponsorship & Partnership opportunities available at extra cost.
  • Multi-shared Advertisement Spaces
  • Advertisement Campaign Calendar

I Market Coaching Marketing Agency

The iMarket Coaching Process (Walk-thru Videos)

Click below for a visual walkthrough of the process for becoming a student, a coach, building a new coaching website, and making use of the iMarket Coaching community platform.

Coach / Instructor

Registration & Profile Configuration Walk-thru Video

Coach / Instructor

Website Hosting Walk-thru Video


Registration & Account Configuration Walk-thru Video

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