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I Market Coaching Academics Coaching

Academics Coaching is a form of peer-to-peer coaching conducted between a student of an academic capacity and another peer, professional, or academic staff containing more knowledge or experience in a particular subject matter.

I Market Coaching - Addiction & Recovery Coaching Community

Addiction & Recovery Coaching is a form of peer-to-peer coaching conduct among individuals recovering from addictions. In this scenario, io a “sober life coach” monitors and provides support to individuals in recovery and helps to prevent relapses.

Business Coaching Group

Business Coaches are individuals capable of working with entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes to help grow their businesses. It’s through business coaching where methods & strategies are created to help propel the business.

I Market Coaching Communications Coaching

Communications Coaching is a form of 1 on 1, peer-to-peer, or over the phone coaching conducted between individuals seeking to improve oral & written communication skills.

Family & Child Welfare Coaching Group

Family Coaching is a form of group coaching for families in turmoil or in need of help dealing with ongoing disputes. In this scenario, the primary role of the family coach is to develop…

I Market Coaching General Coaching

General Coaching is a form of 1 on 1, or peer-to-peer, coaching also known as life coaching. In most scenarios, the goal of the coach is to help the client move forward in areas where they feel stuck…

I Market Coaching Health & Wellness Coaching

Health & Wellness Coaching is a form of coaching to motivate & empower clients to improve their lives through behavior changes centered around fitness & dieting.

I Market Coaching Holistic & Spiritual Coaching

Holistic & Spiritual Coaching are forms of coaching centered around achieving balance in the mind, body, & spirit and using the laws of the universe to get…

I Market Coaching Mental Coaching Group

Mental Coaching is a form or coaching used to measure the mental & psychological aspects of performance achievement in any environment where one is…

I Market Coaching Performance Coaching Group

Performance Coaching is a form or 1 on 1 or peer-to-peer where one person facilitates the development and planning of the client’s efforts in that it produces the life changes needed for the person to move forward.





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