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What’s Performance Coaching?

Performance Coaching is a form of 1 on 1, peer-to-peer, or group coaching used to develop and measure both mental & psychological aspects of performance achievement.

This style of coaching is useful in sports, classrooms, civil service, or any environment where one is expected to function at peak performance.

What's an iMarket Coaching Performance Coach?

The iMarket Coaching Performance Coach will communicate with the client via live chat, forums, community group, or other agreed upon communication method to address either of the following areas:

  • Setting & achieving goals

  • Managing performance anxiety

  • Reaching peak performance through the use of visualization & imagery

  • Managing energy levels

  • Using routines to establish consistency in reaching peak performances

  • Dealing with injuries and setbacks

  • Dealing with conflicts

I Market Coaching - Performance Coaching Agency
Performance Coaching @iMarket Coaching

How Does It Work?

The iMarket Coaching Performance Coach utilizes hosted services such as live chat, online courses, community forums, or support groups to engage students that have already joined the platform seeking assistance in this particular niche.

The iMarket Coaching Performance Coach will also have the opportunity to convert students into clients through engagement and their works which include online courses they offer, online event campaigns, and content marketing efforts.

Why Become an iMarket Coaching
Performance Coach?

Coaching in general is about people helping people and it all starts with the individual who’s motivated, and committed, to helping make an impact on someone else’s life.

As a Performance Coach within the iMarket Coaching platform it’s your duty and responsibility to apply the self-coaching needed to gain additional knowledge in the areas in which you choose to grow and support. If needed, reach out to other coaches within the platform for coach-on-coach support if lacking knowledge within a particular subject matter. Use this as an opportunity to start over by making a living doing something you enjoy. The more you know, the more you grow!

What We Offer Our Coaches

iMarket Coaching is an all-inclusive business marketing platform designed to amplify the efforts of coaches while serving as a community designed to change the lives of individuals seeking guidance & direction in the form of coaching.

The platform offers premium marketing & hosting service options designed to help establish coaches as authorities in their chosen coaching niche. These include but are not limited to the following:

Email List Building

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in newsletter services to distribute content to members for the purpose of building an email list.

Live Chat

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in chat features engage with students possibly converting them to clients. Content Marketing


Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in e-commerce platform to sell courses and products related to their coaching services.


Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to use our built-in advertising agency to purchase ad spaces allowing them to insert banner images promoting their services & products.

Online Courses

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to create and offer online courses to potential clients. Courses can be offered online or offline for FREE or for a fee at the coaches discretion. Courses can also be added as products and sold within the community store.

Brand Amplification

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to use the I Market Coaching platform to promote (market) their coaching efforts to our visiting audience. These efforts are further amplified through the I Market Coaching social media channels.

Online Events

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to host online events which are shared within the network community calendar. Event information is made available to visitors and members. Coaches have the ability to configure RSVP options within their events allowing them to manage event registrants.

Content Marketing

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to implement a content marketing strategy by blogging, with hopes of increasing awareness for their online coaching efforts. Blog posts can be constructed to house banner images, which can include course images, affiliate banners, pay-per-click (PPC) banners, or images to digital products. Author profile data is contained within each post for the purpose of providing contact related information about the author and coach.

Coach Course Website Hosting

Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to create websites for their coaching business or coaching courses. These websites allow full Administrator access and come pre-configured with access to premium themes and plugins. Domain mapping is a paid option available to coaches, website owners. Once configured a website can be mapped to a custom domain name and configured to not only promote the coaching business or course but to also host pay per click or affiliate banners allowing for an additional source of revenue.

What are you Waiting For?

If you’re looking for your next home-based business then consider becoming a Performance coach within the iMarket Coaching community.

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  • Student Coaching Kit

  • Community Usage Guide

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The platform is designed to help recruit students as potential clients on your behalf.

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