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Become an I Market Coaching
Business Coach

What is a Business Coach?

A Business Coach is someone capable of working with entrepreneurs and business owners of all sizes to help grow their businesses. This style of coaching usually lends itself as either 1 on 1 or face-to-face where the business coach will meet with the business owner, or owners, to help understand the vision & direction the owner has for the business. It’s through business coaching where methods & strategies are created to help propel the business. In this scenario, the business coach meets regulary with the business owner(s) to keep track of committments.

What is an I Market Coaching Business Coach?

The I Market Coaching Business Coach effectively communicates and interprets the needs of business owners. This type of business coach is capable of providing the following type of assistance:

Strategy: Help the business owner interpret their business vision. Once an understanding of this interpretation has been communicated, the business coach will proceed to strategize and create a hierarchy of goals centered around moving the business forward.
Accountability: Keep the business owner on track through scheduled meetings and sessions.
Personal Growth: Develop a strategy which incorporates the personal goals of the business owner with the visions they have for their business.
Motivation: Keep the business owner committed to their commitments.

How to Become an I Market Coaching Business Coach?

Coaching is about people helping people and it all starts with a coach motivated to give of time and self to help make an impact on someone’s life. As a coach, your only requirement is to be knowledgeable in the areas you choose to support. If lacking within a particular subject simply reach out to another coach within the community for coach support.

How to Prove & Promote Yourself as Knowledgable

The I Market Coaching community provides a few options for establishing yourself as an authority in a particular subject matter:

Online Courses
Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to create and offer online courses to potential clients. Courses can be offered online or offline for FREE or for a fee at the coaches discretion. Courses can also be added as products and sold within the community store.

Content Marketing
Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to implement a content marketing strategy by blogging, with hopes of increasing awareness for their online coaching efforts. Blog posts can be constructed to house banner images, which can include course images, affiliate banners, pay-per-click (PPC) banners, or images to digital products. Author profile data is contained within each post for the purpose of providing contact related information about the author and coach.

Online Events
Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to host online events which are shared within the network community calendar. Event information, if public, is made available to visitors and members. Coaches have the ability to configure RSVP options within their events allowing them to manage event registrants.

Course Hosting
Coaches (Instructors) have the ability to create websites for their coaching business or coaching courses. These websites allow full Administrator access and come pre-configured with access to premium themes and plugins. See Video
Domain mapping is also a paid option available to coaches, website owners. Once configured a website can be mapped to a custom domain name and configured to not only promote the coaching business or course but to also host pay per click or affiliate banners allowing for an additional source of revenue.

Become a Coach! Find a Coach! Change Your Life!
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