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Agencies are coaching companies, or organizations, which offer similar coaching services yet exist outside of the I Market Coaching community.

Agencies interested in advertising within the I Market Coaching platform can either:

  • Register as Coaches. (Membership Required)
  • Register as an Advertiser. (Membership Required)
  • Submit to be considered as a Sponsor. (Coming soon)

Agencies are provided the following:

  • Custom Agency Group (Public, Private, Hidden)

    • Group & Calendar
    • Group Forum
    • Group Activity Wall
    • Group Chat
  • Self-Serve Advertising Options Available (Extra cost)

    • Home Center Ad 728×90 (Random Display)
    • Sidebar Ad 300×250 (Random Display)
    • Homepage Slider (1024×1024)
  • Category-based In-Post Advertisements (Extra cost)

    • Top of Post (Random display)
    • Middle of Post (Random display)
    • Bottom of Post (Random display)


Packages start at $499 per month.
Allow 24 to 48 hours for completion & response.

Sponsorship Agency Membership Options (Options vary per package)
Custom Group PackageCustom In-Post Ad CategoryCustom In-Post Ad PlacementCustom Posts Page with SidebarCustom RSS FeedMore options coming soon

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