I Market Coaching History

A Scorched Earth Approach to Coaching

Everyone & Everything is Possible, Changeable, Serviceable, & Movable through Coaching.


A “scorched earth” approach to coaching.
The creation of a multi-purpose platform which encourages the design & building of new coaching systems.
The development of coaching personas centered on life experiences.
The promotion of marketing strategies aimed at mentally, physically, or spiritually developing someone to achieve a personal or professional goal through advice, training, or guidance.
A client acceptance policy based on learning through accessibility, inclusion, affordability, tolerance, & quality. A brand that becomes the staple of coaching for everyone.


Cater to the continued growth of the coach while striving to empower & impact the lives of others through learning & engagement.

Assist in the development of new infrastructures upon which new coaching efforts are launched.

Continue to build upon adopted coaching philosophies.

I Market Coaching History
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